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Internet geek, entrepreneur, web data miner & semantic web hacker. Crossed to the 'dark-side' as founding partner at The Morpheus, a seed stage venture accelerator. Back as an entrepreneur as Co-founder, Bitzer Mobile (acquired by Oracle). Computer Sc. grad from Birla Institute, Ranchi
Pastoral locations
Silicon Valley (2013-), Bangalore (2009-2012), Silicon Valley (1999-2008), Bangalore (1997-99), New Delhi (1996-97)
Information Retrieval, Distributed Computing, Semantic Web, Enterprise 2.0, Social systems, Mobile Computing, Counter Strike, U2, Atari 2600, Tintin, Mario Bros.
khaitan at gmail dot com
Work address
Oracle, Inc., 200 Oracle Pkwy, Redwood City, US
Past companies
Bitzer Mobile, The Morpheus, SezWho (acquired by Echo), Tejit (acquired by SezWho), Veritas (acquired by Symantec), Alekhya Technologies, iLog (acquired by IBM), Outride (acquired by Google), Charles Schwab, VeriFone (acquired by HP), PCL Mindware
Past bosses
Atul Kumar, Kim Johnston, Aisling Hassell, Rene Bonvanie, Dave Blatteler, Rebecca Aptekar, Harjit Sabharwal, Satyen Kothari, Thor Muller, Babuji Abraham

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Bitzer Mobile MAM Platform
Bitzer Mobile's Mobile App Management (MAM) platform for enabling secure mobility to enterprise workforce. It obviates the need of having a VPN, makes Mobile Device Management (MDM) optional and brings native Microsoft Active Directory authentication to iPad, iPhone and Android devices.
faster88 was a kitchen-sink project to get the feel of social recruiting on facebook.
SezWho was a cross-site content discovery engine for Social Media platforms. SezWho was acquired by Echo in Mar 2009
Tejit was a discovery engine for Web data. Initial focus was on aggregating semantically equivalent data around people, movies and other nouns of interest. I founded this in 2007 and was later acquired by SezWho.
twitterarc, was an ajax interface over twitter's public timeline. It was a project aimed at visualizing twitter's public data in different ways.
Blog Mykrokozm
This was precursor project to Tejit. It was a greasemonkey script which did reverse inline linkage of linkbacks to a particular permalink within the blog post. Later on it was extended to Internet Explorer using bookmarklets.
Marketing campaign hierarchy
In my stint as an marketer-cum-engineer at Symantec; architected the multi-level campaign hierarchy which mimiced how budgets were allocated in geos and departments. The idea was conceptualized by my then boss Atul Kumar.
Personalized proposal for high-touch sales
This was developed for Symantec inside sales organization to help them convert leads into opportunities.
Convex: Matching of resumes with job description using NLP
Convex was web-service for matching resumes to job descriptions using concept extraction. This was implemented using content classification using Ontology of human resources knowledge domain.
WSDL Generator
WSDL Generator automatically generated WSDL files from a given set of Java classes.
Gaxl (Graphical Analysis of XML Logs)
gaxl was a Java-Swing based GUI for analyzing xml logs formatted using Log4J and XMLFormatter. It had low memory footprint which supported streamed log files, local logs and push.
Web directory based topic classifier
Given a link (or webpage), this application would automatically assign the url a leaf node in a web directory. Open Directory Project (ODP) was used as a learning corpus.
RSS 1.0
Made a draft proposal of the mod_company extension in RSS 1.0
Merchant interface for online POS
A web-based interface for merchants to analyze/view/adjust/auth/refund card transactions for customers.
Command system for shell-less servers
This was developed for Sumitomo bank to allow remote execution of commands through a windows interface over proprietary networking stack.

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